In today’s world, companies and SMEs are facing constant changes and challenges in the workplace. Globalization, economic conditions, digitalization, diversity, and sustainability are some of the factors that influence human resources management and labor relations.

Labor and employment matters are key to business management and leadership in the fast-moving and complex environment in which local and international organizations operate.

That is why at Mateos Legal we have a team of lawyers specialized in labor law who guide, accompany, and advise you in all matters affecting your business. Our added value is that we not only know the labor regulations, but also the sector and the market in which your company operates.

This is the only way we can offer you tailor-made solutions, efficient and adapted to your needs. Whether to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, manage a dismissal, process a subsidy, or defend your interests in a labor dispute, in Mateos Legal we are at your side to protect your company and your workers.

Permanent and continuous advice allows us to anticipate any situation to offer you the most effective solution in each case, thus avoiding cost overruns and conflicts with workers and Social Security.

  • Advice and representation in labor contracting, both individual and collective, of employees or self-employed workers, as well as in the modification, suspension, and termination of employment contracts.
  • Defense of their rights and interests in labor disputes that may arise in the development of the labor relationship, both in administrative and judicial or arbitration proceedings.
  • Legal assistance in matters of working conditions, such as working hours, salary, breaks, vacations, leaves, equality, prevention of occupational hazards, harassment at work, etc.
  • Consulting and training in collective bargaining, collective bargaining agreements, company agreements, works councils and union representation.
  • Advice and management of social security matters, social benefits, contributions, pensions, disability, unemployment, etc.

If you want to know more about Mateos Legal’s labor law solutions, please contact us at the following link.