Civil law is part of the private law, and its purpose is to regulate the rights of natural and legal persons, family relationships, assets, and inheritance of assets.

At Mateos Legal we are committed to our clients, offering a comprehensive legal assistance service in all types of civil proceedings, both judicial and arbitral. We provide civil advice for both companies and individuals on all the legal matters that can appear relating to litigation, claims and civil matters.

In the event of any legal conflict, our clients can count on a team with recognized experience and a deep knowledge of procedural and arbitration rules in all jurisdictions and instances, as well as in the prevention of conflicts through prior advice and negotiation.

Our services are global and cover all phases of the civil process, from the preliminary claim to the execution of the sentence, including the filing and answering of claims, the taking of evidence, the formulation of appeals and the intervention in conciliation and mediation acts.

Among the subjects we deal with are:

  • Civil and commercial contracts: purchase and sale, lease, loan, mortgage, bond, etc.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability: indemnities for damages arising from breach of contract or unlawful acts.
  • Property law: horizontal property, easements, usufruct, intellectual and industrial property, etc.
  • Consumer law: claims for defects or flaws in products or services, abusive clauses, misleading advertising, etc.


Our philosophy is based on personalized attention, transparency, and trust. We study each case with rigor and seek the best solution for our clients, looking after their interests and rights, providing the most appropriate solutions, and bringing legal action if required.

If you would like us to accompany you in your negotiation, mediation or claim process, please contact us at the following link.