Our Civil and Patrimonial Law team guides you in contractual matters, family and inheritance law, leasing and real estate. In addition, our firm pays special attention to property law, so that we offer comprehensive advice on real estate planning, purchase and sale, asset management and operation, due diligence or construction contracts.

There is no civil law matter in which we do not have experience:

  • Contracts and obligations: drafting, review, negotiation, and termination of civil and commercial contracts, claiming debts and indemnities, contractual and non-contractual civil liability, etc.
  • Family and successions: separations, divorces, liquidation of marital property, alimony and compensatory alimony, custody and visitation, incapacitation, guardianships and conservatorships, wills, inheritances, legacies and donations, contestation of testamentary dispositions, partition of inheritances, etc.
  • Registry and notarial law: registration of public and private documents in the property, commercial and civil registries, rectification of registry errors, cancellation of charges and encumbrances, request for simple and informative notes, public deeds before a notary, notarial acts, and powers of attorney, etc.
  • Property: sale and purchase, exchange, donation and transfer of real estate, real estate and property due diligence, urban and rural leases, horizontal property, easements, usufructs, mortgages, seizures, and foreclosures, etc.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding a civil or patrimonial proceeding, please contact us at the following link.