Family-owned businesses are the engine of the world economy and may be the oldest form of business organization. Their contribution to GDP and employment is undeniable, but so are the challenges they face to ensure their continuity. Many of them do not manage to overcome the generational handover and are forced to close or sell. How can this fate be avoided?

At Mateos Legal we are experts in family business law and can help you plan and manage the succession of your business ensuring a balance between family and business interests.

Our professionals take a global approach to both business aspects and inter-family relations, and provide advice in all areas, including legal and taxation.

  • Advice and representation in matters of incorporation, organization, governance, and management of the family business, as well as in the strategic and financial planning of the same.
  • Defense of rights and interests in corporate, inheritance, labor, tax and contractual conflicts that may arise in the family business.
  • Legal assistance in the transfer, sale, merger, spin-off or liquidation of the family business, as well as in the preparation and implementation of the family protocol and the business succession plan.
  • Consulting and training in mediation and arbitration as alternative methods for the resolution of family and business conflicts.

If you want to know how Mateos Legal guarantees the operation and viability of family businesses, please contact us at the following link.